TBM3 – This Car is OK

New TBM3 single out now everywhere!

 This car is OK is part of the TBM3 Serious Singles Series. Although loaded with Rock n Roll (and a bit of Tekkno, too) it basically is a love song.

Early listeners say:

  • „Tsno roadtrip until you have tape.“
  • „Right. Why only do 1 harp track when you can do 2?“
  • „It´s ok“
  • It has some „Maggie´ s Farm“ and some „Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers“. But with that unbalanced sound it is still pure TBM3.“

Hobo Twang: New Double A-Side

New HOBO TWANG MASSIVE Double A-Side: Spirit Arising // Spirit Arising Dub. A real first timer feat. the SEPP TEMBER HORNS.

Early listeners say: „Oh shit. Is this a Reggae single?“

Instores everywhere you tend to get your music from. Many thanks.

TBM3 – Full Service

OUT NOW: New TBM3 single „Full Service“.

Available everywhere out yonder!

Contains a fair share of dust, wind and sand. Contains slide guitar from HOBO TWANG´s Tom Drexl. Contains trumpets, violins, marimba and lotsa Palim Palim. Hecho bajo la influencia de Baja Baviera. It could be a hit, but probably it´s way too slow.  Anyway.

Part of the TBM3 Serious Singles Series 2021. One single every month.

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