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Hobo Twang: New Double A-Side

New HOBO TWANG MASSIVE Double A-Side: Spirit Arising // Spirit Arising Dub. A real first timer feat. the SEPP TEMBER HORNS.

Early listeners say: „Oh shit. Is this a Reggae single?“

Instores everywhere you tend to get your music from. Many thanks.

Now streaming

The infamous Urban Cowboy artists Hobo Twang and The Bauermich 3 are now on Spotify. Add them to your playlists, all money will be invested in new songs. Spread the word, cachondos! Many THX for your support.

Sweet Illusion

Hobo Twang’s 4th album „Sweet Illusion“ is coming someday soon.  It is currently being mastered by RSFiesta @ Green Lobster in Graz. According to early listeners it is very likely to save the world.

Supposed tracklist:

  1. Useless
  2. Misled To Kareth
  3. Turquoise
  4. Rituals
  5. When I Was A Loner
  6. Sweet Illusion
  7. Fallen Angel
  8. Old Friends
  9. Fruits Of Love
  10. Muddy Waters
  11. Song for the Wall
  12. Land Up Ahead

Pre-listening available soon.