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TBM3 – This Car is OK

New TBM3 single out now everywhere!

 This car is OK is part of the TBM3 Serious Singles Series. Although loaded with Rock n Roll (and a bit of Tekkno, too) it basically is a love song.

Early listeners say:

  • „Tsno roadtrip until you have tape.“
  • „Right. Why only do 1 harp track when you can do 2?“
  • „It´s ok“
  • It has some „Maggie´ s Farm“ and some „Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers“. But with that unbalanced sound it is still pure TBM3.“

TBM3 – Full Service

OUT NOW: New TBM3 single „Full Service“.

Available everywhere out yonder!

Contains a fair share of dust, wind and sand. Contains slide guitar from HOBO TWANG´s Tom Drexl. Contains trumpets, violins, marimba and lotsa Palim Palim. Hecho bajo la influencia de Baja Baviera. It could be a hit, but probably it´s way too slow.  Anyway.

Part of the TBM3 Serious Singles Series 2021. One single every month.

Check in to the Serious Singles Playlist now:

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The infamous Urban Cowboy artists Hobo Twang and The Bauermich 3 are now on Spotify. Add them to your playlists, all money will be invested in new songs. Spread the word, cachondos! Many THX for your support.

„Have you had one of these days when it feels like Tom Petty was the only man who really ever fully unterstands“

RIP Tom Petty and thanks for the music!