Out now: The Gatehouse Sessions

Da gehma nicht zum Schmiedel, da gehma gleich zum Schmied. That’s what Munich based TBM3 said upon informing us about their plans to record some new stuff at Abbey Road. Still we have no idea what that means. But it sounded like a plan so we said OK.

When they came back, they brought with them 4 brandnew songs between Folk, Rock, Singer-Songwriter and a fair share of Psychedelia.

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  1. Learning to Waltz
  2. Hurricanes
  3. Kabul
  4. Your Love For Me Is Gone

Check them out! Best before everybody else does!

Early listeners say:

  • „The K-pop of Folkrock“
  • „It´s not bad, but they should have put some more radio-friendly love ballads on it.“
  • „The Rhodes solo on track 1 is ok“
  • „At least the sound is good“


Michael Bauer: Guitars, Lead Vocals, Keys
Andreas Bauer: Drums, Vocals, Harmonica, Keys
Markus Faltermeier: Bass, Vocals, Guitars, Keys

Recorded October 2019 at The Gatehouse, Abbey Road Studios, UK.

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