Hobo Twang – Hobopulism (2017)


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Hobopulism is on the rise. Many musical groups cover complex questions in rather convenient little pop songs. Easy answers instead of a new Going Electric. Hobo Twang is one of them.

With their 5th studio album, the once progressive folk outfit traded deep cuts for quick winning drop-offs. So predictable. In fact Hobopulism is not much more than a slightly better version of the White Album. 2018 style. The best thing about it may be its well copied Sgt-Pepperesque cover art.

Songs like „Cool Enough“ may end up number 1 on mainstream radio but what is their relevance? None! Or less. Or take „Burning Wheel“. I mean what is that? EDM Grass? Come On. „This is real shit“ – says a close friend of Rudy Easemyer after listening to Hobopulism.

The former open source cowboys and musical innovators Tom Drexl, Michi Bauer, Sepp Tember and Sean Weeder now all seem to have their Spotify Free account. Not even the likes of Alec Zmiddoch or Uwe Hoeck – experienced co-hobos and key players @ the Hobopulism recording sessions – could help that. Bash.

WTF is wrong with Hobo Twang?

Do they have to jump on every train? Do they really have to start using juvenile Social Media abbreviations in their album promotion copy? Did the TREMENDOUS success of 4 multi-selling albums in only 10 years band history totally blur their sense for them good ole hobo roots? Where are the 20 minute sociocritical noise-and-bruise-makers? Maximum disruption you get on Hobopulism is a lousy 10 min love song.

Do Hobo Twang need to convert themselves into a Live Band at last?

Answers. Hobopulism is all about answers. Listen closely and let us know what you find out.

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