Hobo Twang – Ten Tales of a Hobo Twen (2020)

Hobo Twang - Ten Tales of a Hobo Twen

Less hits than ever before – Hobo Twang is back!

Less hits than ever before – Hobo Twang is back! 3 years after Hobopulism, the bestseller album that made the former Underground Darlings find themselves on par with the likes of Queen or Camper Van Beethoven, Hobo Twang seems back on track with ten tracks loaded with meaning. Intended or not, „Ten Tales of a Hobo Twang“ is their most non commercial approach so far. Or would you think of a rock’n’roll piece with original Shakespeare lyrics (!!) as a ‚throwing at the audience of the 21st century‘? – Not really.
It´s by the way the band´s first digital concept album – and one of the world´s first solid concept albums without a decent concept – painstakingly composed with both feet on the ground of hobo music tradition and at the same time it firmly shows the way into the 20ies.

Then, its also a real and rootsy Social Distance workpiece. And though Hobo Twang always has been a Social Distance rock band way before the term was invented, those present ten tales are different. Bruises show after a madcap year full of things formerly unthinkable. If you listen closely to the songs, you will feel that. Or maybe you will feel something else. So 2020, you know.

Players are: Tom Drexl and Michi Bauer with a little help from Uwe Höck, Alec Zmiddoch, Sepp Tember, Sean Weeder, Herta Denjé, Max Stavodsn and William Shakespeare.

Special thanks goes out to Tom´s Grandad – the most Hobo Twen ever.

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