TBM3 is a Munich based 3-piece mainly concerned about folk, rock, singer-songwriter and some psychedelia here and there. Three-part harmony vocals tie the songs together. TBM3´s first EP „The Gatehouse Sessions“ was recorded October 2019 at Abbey Road Studios in London, so at least the sound is OK. In 2021 TBM3 started a recording project called „Serious Singles Series“. The plan: 1 single every month. They missed the frequency by far but it´ s a cool listen anyway.

People who listen to TBM3 might also listen to: The Coral, Tom Petty, Giant Sand, The Wallflowers or The Flying Burrito Brothers.

Check them out now. Best before everybody else does.

#Serious Singles Playlist (2021)



The Gatehouse Sessions (2019)


Michael Bauer: Guitars, Lead Vocals, Keys, Stuff
Andreas Bauer: Drums, Vocals, Harmonica, Keys, Stuff
Markus Faltermeier: Bass, Vocals, Guitars, Keys, Stuff


Mail: tbm3 (ät) urbancowboy.de
Insta: instagram/tbm3-is-ok
Spotify: spotify/tbm3


Past Shows:

2022 Sept-29
TBM3 @ Ampere, Munich
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2022 July-22
TBM3 @ Kulturspektakel, Gauting 
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2022 July-09
TBM3 @Tollwood-Festival, München
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2022 May-08
TBM3 @ Glockenbachwerkstatt, Munich
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