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Hobo Twang – Zero (2022)

Now, that came unexpectedly. Even for the band itself. Only 14 months after the critically acclaimed while really unsuccessful “Ten Tales of a Hobo Twen”, Hobo Twang is back with their 6th studio album ZERO featuring 11 brandnew songs between Total Implosion and Revolución de Amor. “I don´t know, they just kept on recording and recording and didn´t really notice they had an album ready until their marketing department told them”, longtime Hobo sidekick and studio fella Sepp Tember (Marimba and stuff) was cited on RT Culture News. Believe it or not.

Anyways, talking music. Look out for elaborated 2022 style party hits (“Zero Reprise”) mingling up with solid 80s poprock (“We won´t ever let you down”). That´s what Hobo Twang is about today. Leave no one behind and leave no one without a compelling hookline. Take “Love Revolution”. It´s coming your way a brass-soaked sunshine reggae before you might find out it´s actually about a Love Revolution. A peace manifesto! And what´s up with “Night Train To Paris” – the first real Electronic Dance Stomp from them Hobo Twang bums, once an all-out folkrock outfit? It´s all about losing your mind on a nighttrain trip, dancing and partying like no tomorrow. But don´t miss the melancholic undertone. Last party for quite a while or what? Is that already Punk? Leave alone the title song “Zero”. A vibrant folk song – half Acoustic – half Tekkkkno . War is over, is it? Is it ever enough? Hobo Twang raises many questions, yet providing zero answers.

Recorded only within a couple of sessions, core hobos Tom Drexl and Michi Bauer teamed up with a bunch of long time collaborators and NuHobos including Uwe Hoeck, Alec Zmiddoch, Sean Weeder, Sepp Tember, Herta Denjé, Max Stavodsn, Rudi Mentair, Anna Lyttics, Nurah Norgerl und Kai G. Trenke.

Early listeners say:

  • Cool
  • Not everyone who owns a trumpet must record trumpet
  • WTF? This record is not about UFOs at all. Or is it?
  • Indie Jahre gekommen

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Hobo Twang – Zero

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